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Hi How do I save a VAT return to close it down but not submitted it as it has already gone to HMRC? I need to close this one so I can now run my next one.

If you go into your VAT settings page in QuickFile and untick the box for online filing then when you prepare a VAT return you should be able to save it without submitting it online. Turn the online submission setting back on after you’ve saved.

You’ll need to check that the amounts QuickFile calculates for each box match the values you already submitted, if any of them don’t (for example if you’ve added backdated purchases to QuickFile since you made the original submission) then you’ll need to make manual adjustments to bring it into line, then make the same adjustments in reverse when you come to submit your next return, so that everything is accounted for exactly once.

Thank you for your response, how do I do the manual adjustment if the figures are a few pounds out to bring it in line?

Thank you for your help=)

Click the pencil icon to the right of each box on the VAT return preparation screen and it will open up another input field where you can enter the adjustments (positive or negative) along with a “note to self” where you can explain what the change was for. HMRC don’t see the amount of the adjustment or the note, they only see the final adjusted value.

So can I do this on my last VAT return that I have just saved?

The adjustments have to be done on the return form before you save it, so if you’ve already saved a return then you’ll have to roll it back, prepare it again, make the adjustments to get it to match what you’ve already submitted to HMRC, and then save it.

You could just journal the difference from the VAT Liability nominal to the Manual Adjustments one (which is the effect that the rollback, adjust and re-save would have) but (a) that means your VAT return as saved in QuickFile differs from the one you submitted to HMRC, which may raise eyebrows if you ever get inspected and (b) it only adjusts for the differences in box 5, you wouldn’t have a record of the adjustments you will need to reverse next time in boxes 1, 2, 4, and 6 to 9.

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