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VAT Returns via Quickfile


I want to do the VAT returns via Quick file. We have calculated the VAT and submitted and it says submitted but how do I know if it has reached HMRC?


Hi @eftlizzie

There are a few things that will happen when you submit your VAT return:

  1. On the VAT return page, and the overview page, there will be a Correlation ID, which is a unique number HMRC returns to us when it’s been submitted (this is referred to as a HMRC ID on the VAT Returns overview).

  2. When the VAT return has been processed, HMRC will email the address tied to your Government Gateway account

  3. Also once it’s processed and QuickFile has a response from HMRC, we will update the returns page to show this, and we’ll include the response from HMRC directly on the return at the bottom (in the “HMRC Responses for VAT Return” area), along with the date and time it was received.

  4. Lastly, QuickFile will also email the administrator of your account confirming what HMRC has sent back. This can include a direct debit collection date.

I hope this helps.


We have completed this quarters VAT separately to Quickfile , manually through the HMRC website as we usually do; as although the VAT return has been saved it is not submitted. How do I make sure that it is not submitted twice and we get ready for the next quarter to do through Quickfile please?
You may login to the account if it helps to see what we have done and what is missing.


If it’s saved (but not submitted) on QuickFile, there isn’t a way to submit this. From there, you should only be able to download your calculations or roll it back if required.

The next VAT return will pick up any invoices or payments (depending if your on accrual or cash accounting) when it’s next run. I highly recommend downloading the calculations prior to submitting them to HMRC, just to be sure everything is correct and avoids any issues further down the line.


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