VAT reverse charge


I have been reading the knowledge base article on reverse charge vat using google adwords for an example.

I have set up ebay as a supplier, based in another eu country.

When entering an invoice, I can see on the invoice the reverse charge.

However, on the VAT return, the amount is showing in box 2, not box one, as the knowledge base article states.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @Bugsy,

At the moment Quick File only automatically handles the reverse charge on Goods and not Services, hence why the figure also appears in box 2, the guide is correct for services. You may find the posting below provides more information:

Simply adjust out the box 2 figure on the VAT return as shown in the knowledgebase guide:

Thank you for your replies.

I suppose anyone who deals with Ebay or Amazon will have the same problems as they are both registered in Luxembourg.

Thanks again.

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