VAT service disconnected

My digital VAT service even if it is connected with HMRC it does not show the return to be made for July/Sept period. I have disconnected and reconnected it, but still nothing.

Hi @Antonio_Masiello,

Have you worked through this guide Making Tax Digital: Troubleshooting ?

Are you seeing any errors on screen?

Everything looks fine.

Hi @Antonio_Masiello,

Are there any errors showing against the return that hasn’t sent to HMRC?

no sorry my mistake. It has been filed

I have just reconnected with HMRC, but in Quickfile it does not show any return to be made while this can be see in my account with HMRC

How did you submit the return? was it through QuickFile?

I have been doing it via Quickfile since April 2019, no problem until today

Hi @Antonio_Masiello,

Sounds as though you have been using it for 18 months, this is when you need to renew the credentials to keep the link going with HMRC which is what you have now done.

This doesn’t explain the ‘missing’ return though. Have you rolled back the return on QuickFile? if this is the case you will need to save it again before you can submit the next return. To save without submitting you’ll need to remove the online filing tick from your VAT settings and then put it back once you’re done.

Hope this makes sense

As you said, I have relinked the account to HMRC but I cannot see the July/Sept return which is due on the 7th of Nov.

I will send you a private message now

Hi, I’m getting the same problem saying “my authorization may have expired. Remove existing link etc .” don’t know how to remove the link . I can connect to HMRC but when i go to submit VAT form i get error 401 Missing credentials code
Please Help

to remove an existing link if you go to Reports >> HMRC then select view on the vat account you want to remove. Once you are looking at that account there should be a disconnect button at the top.

Hope this helps

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Done it thanks . Its worked for me

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