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With the changes in VAT in April 2019, Is Quickfile MTD compliant software? Thank you

Hello @eftlizzie

There are still parts of MTD that are being ironed out by HMRC, but it’s certainly something we are working towards. VAT is one of the areas where we do already have a trial running (where available). Please see the details and links in the following post:

Is quickfile MTD compilent?

Are you any closer to having a proper solution for reverse charge purchase transactions? At the moment I’m having to make manual adjustments to my VAT returns to handle the reverse charge - your current “reverse charge” checkbox treats the purchase as an EC acquisition (i.e. for goods, with the VAT in box 2 and the net in 9) rather than a reverse charge transaction (for services, with VAT in box 1 and net in box 6) - but my reading of the guidance in VAT notice 700/22 is that reverse charge transactions are one of the things that will have to be handled by a “digital link” in the software rather than the current manual procedure.

Hi. I have looked at your link and we are not eligible to join the Pilot scheme on 2 counts, EC Sales and repayments are not currently supported, which is our case. Will they be a time after the pilot that we will be able to use Quickfile to submit our VAT returns as we can no longer submit our VAT returns through the HMRC website?

@eftlizzie - There are no restrictions on VAT returns as they stand within QuickFile, but there are some areas that aren’t natively supported (as @ian_roberts suggests above). We do provide a full backing report and an option to make an adjustment however, so it’s certainly workable.

The pilot is only available for certain accounts, and even then is only available if the user opts in to the pilot itself. Until then, the standard VAT reports are available (more details here).

@ian_roberts - It’s likely that this will be updated with the VAT updates overall, although I can’t confirm this, or can I confirm any timescales as to when this would be looked at. I would suspect that the reverse charge guidelines from HMRC will change in due course as a result of leaving the EU. As soon as we have more clarification on where it’s heading and how it will affect VAT returns, I’m sure our development team will be on the case. As always, we’ll post any updates here on our forum.

The reverse charge system already applies equally to both EU and non-EU suppliers. I suspect the change if/when we leave the EU VAT system will be more around the procedures for goods rather than services, I’m not looking forward to having my German imports delayed for weeks at customs until I’ve paid the VAT up front…

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