VAT start date in settings being ignored

I have set my VAT start date in the VAT settings ( to 01/12/2015 to stop previous transactions being pulled into the VAT return I am trying to compose and file for 1/12/15 to 29/2/16. I am finding however that previous transactions (from April 2015) are getting included in the calculation. Is there something else I need to do here?

Are you on cash accounting? On the backing report it may show invoices that predate the start date but we’re in fact paid after the start date. Is this something you can check?

If you’re still stuck please message me with your account details and I will dig a bit deeper.

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Yes, I’m using cash accounting. You were spot on - there were a couple of payments that had their payment dates within the VAT period but were invoiced before. Thanks so much for your help.

I guess the software could display a warning if this is the case.

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