Vat submission saved but can't send

Hi. I have successfully registered with HMRC for filing VAT returns via MTD and received the confirmation email. I have completed the VAT return which matches the figures I had calculated manually and the return is ready to send to HMRC but I do not know how to send this through. When I clicked on the link I can see the liabilities and payments section on the HMRC page. Please help!!!

If you haven’t already, go to reports -> HMRC in QuickFile and follow through the steps to link your government gateway account to QuickFile. Then in company settings -> VAT settings make sure the boxes are ticked for online submission and “use MTD features”, and select your connected tax account.

Now when you go to prepare a VAT return it should say “connecting to HMRC” and offer you a list of periods to file. Choose the appropriate period and you will get the familiar QuickFile VAT return form with a blue label on the corner showing it’s an MTD return. Check the numbers, then make sure the checkbox at the bottom to submit online is ticked, and submit the return.

If it works then the return has been accepted - there’s no longer the few minutes delay that there used to be between submission and acceptance, so there’s no confirmation email. You should be able to see the return saying “submitted” in QuickFile and on your HMRC account shortly afterwards.

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Hi Ian
Thanks. All sorted now with the help of VAT helpline. It now shows as having been submitted. Phew!

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