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I had a situation when filing last VAT quarter when QuickFile reported that the submission had failed, and then on re-submission there was an error from the Govt gateway saying that a submission had already been received.

So in QuickFile it looks like that return is ‘Saved’ and not submitted, and yet on the HMRC Gateway its there. (confirmed when I go to create a new return, as QuickFile lists the relevant return as ‘Filed’).

My question - how do I get these back in sync, as the new return is now trying to incorporate figures from the previous quarter which it believes hasn’t been submitted?

I know that I can edit the figures for this return - if I do this, will it come right for the next one?

Thanks for any help.


Hi @Chris001,
If the return is with HMRC then you just need to ‘save’ that period on QuickFile. Saving the return will lock in the transactions so that they aren’t pulled into the next return

Thanks Beth, but the return already says that its saved and not submitted:

I don’t seem to have any other options other than to rollback?

Hi @Chris001 ,

If it is saved then you should be able to run your next return without pulling in these transactions

Hi @QFBeth , the next return is selecting the transactions from the previous period. If I adjust the figures manually, will this cause any problems with the MTD return? I don’t know if anything other than the box totals are actually included in the return.

Thanks again,

Hi @Chris001,

Only the box totals get sent with the return, but the next return shouldn’t be including those previous returns. It might be worth trying to roll back that saved return and then re-saving it to lock them

Hi @QFBeth, I tried to rollback but then couldn’t recreate the previous return as QF saw that it was already submitted to HMRC.

I adjusted the figures and submitted the current return, and now all transactions are correctly locked up to date.

Perhaps would be good to have an option in the future to manually mark a return as ‘already submitted’ in case this happens again.

Thanks for your help

Hi @Chris001,

Glad you’ve managed to work it out. If you remove the online filling settings then you can run a return without it trying to submit to HMRC

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