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VAT submission through Quickfile

Hi, we are trying to send VAT through Quickfile for the first time, but we have a problem connecting our account with HMRC.

When we tried, and a message on the screen said that we still do not have authorisation, that we have to be sure of the VAT number and wait 24 hours.

How can we unliked the account and start this process again?

Thank you.

Hi @Batista,

The error you are seeing usually occurs if you haven’t registered with HMRC for MTD.

Have you registered and had the confirmation email? Setting it up on QuickFile doesn’t register for you, this should be done after you have been in contact with HMRC

Hi Beth

We have registered already,

Could you please let me know how can I delete the HMRC login details in quickfile to add those again?

Hi @Batista,

If you go to Reports > HMRC and select the VAT account you can then remove it from there using the Disconnect option.


You can also alter your online filing options within the VAT settings

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