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Vat trial balance


Hi, I am still new to this, i did a trial vat run and eventually figures agreed, now trying to do 2nd quarter, and the figures don,t add up. Looking into it the 2 seperate quarters have added together.
I have changed the vat dates.


Hi @Linda_Blofield

Until the VAT return is saved they will remain un-tagged to a VAT period and so will be brought into the next one.

I would suggest you save the previous VAT run which will lock those transactions. When you run the next one then you should only get the new transactions.

Hope this helps


HI, I am trying to save the first quarter, but cannot find the save button.


Hi Linda,

To Save it you have to ‘submit’ the return. So if you make sure you haven’t got enable online filing ticked then it won’t actually go anywhere near HMRC but it will save it on your QuickFile account.

Hope this helps?


Hi, ive managed to save 1st quater vat, tried to do the same for the 2nd quater, won,t let me save.



What is the period for the 2nd quarter?


Hi 1st Dec 2018- 25 feb 2019


So, are you able to generate it? but then when you go to submit it do you get an error?


Hi, generate it, happy with the figures, submit error message failed.


Hi, tried again its gone through. Thank You.

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