VAT- yearly declaration

Is there a setting for yearly declaration of VAT please? At present I have shown as quarterly on QF and have reminders on my dashboard the VAT is overdue. thank you

Are you referring to the Affinity Dashboard, I believe that’s the only place where we show VAT reminders?

I believe if that’s the case it’s fixed to quarterly periods, are you filing VAT returns annually in some cases?

Yes, I have one client that is yearly VAT declaration - February to January each year - paying direct debit on a monthly basis

Yes at the moment the reminder system doesn’t support the VAT Annual Accounting Scheme, I’ve logged this as a feature request for now.

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Great much appreciated -

Hi @donnacbk, We’ve just added a VAT setting for annual VAT accounting:

Once set this should also flow through to the Affinity reminder column. One small caveat, I believe it will only show on Affinity once the first annual VAT return is submitted as doing this sets the next VAT due date.

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