VAT Zero Rated issue

We have big stumbling block here with QuickFile.
We cannot set Zero Rated Vat on Invoices.
We are required to show on every invoice Vat Rate 0% and we cannot find the way of doing it.
If we go to Settings / Advanced Settings and put 0% in Additional Sales VAT rates it disappears, the whole fix to this software is to be able to add Zero Rate Vat.
Please do not recommend NO VAT instead as NO VAT is a different rate.
We need on every invoice to show VAT Rate 0% on some items and 20% on other.
It needs to work the same way as 5% any other work around is not acceptable, it’s a valid Vat Rate,
why this is even missing?

I don’t think anything in QuickFile ever shows the VAT rate at the line level on the documents you send to your customers. It shows the VAT amount for each line (0.00 for “no VAT” lines), and it shows the total amount of VAT charged at each rate in the footer section (if you have a mixture of 20%, 5% and zero rated “no VAT” items then you’ll get a total for “VAT (20%)” and a separate total for “VAT (5%)”), but you don’t get a breakdown of the net totals at each VAT rate like I’ve seen on invoices from suppliers who use other software.

In QuickFile “no VAT” means zero rated - if an invoice is VAT exempt you have to tick a box saying so at the invoice level, you can’t have an invoice with a mixture of zero rated and exempt items. Basically, QuickFile doesn’t really work for partially-exempt businesses…

Partially-Exempt? What does it even mean?
There is Zero Rated VAT, in this country, anyone in food industry is affected, you buy zero rated products every day. From tea bags, rice,flour, butter and all ingredients on the way to manufacture it.

It’s all Zero Rated NOT Exempted or partially exempted or no vat.

This is a bit silly, British accounting software which is not fully compatible with British tax rates. If I knew that I wouldn’t pay for it a penny.

I’m gobsmacked, we just tested today few other options they all offer Zero Rated Vat.

And what is worst, looking at the forums, this problem is not new. This should be addressed and sorted long time ago. Solution would take developer few minutes to implement. Any excuse is not good.

Anyway, looks like we have to export all the hard work we did and start again with the provider that knows what they doing 100% not 90% or is exempted from knowing :wink:

It means what it usually means in VAT rules - a business that has some sales that are VAT-able (at 20%, 5% or 0%) and some sales that are exempt from VAT (e.g. lottery tickets, insurance) and thus can only reclaim a proportion of the VAT they paid to their suppliers.

I know. I don’t work for QuickFile, I run a retail shop selling goods at all three rates, I know how this works. Exempt and zero rated are different things but they both exist.

QuickFile already supports zero rated sales and purchases, that’s what the “no vat” choice in the drop down will do - not charge any VAT to the customer but still include the net amount as part of box 6 on your return.

But if what you’re asking for is for invoices to be able to add an extra column showing the per-line VAT percentage and a breakdown at the bottom giving the net and VAT totals per rate then that’s a separate feature request which would be more work to handle properly.

(Depending on the value of “properly” - if they wanted to support both zero rated and exempt lines on the same invoice then I imagine that would be a major refactor for the QuickFile devs given exempt vs not exempt is currently an invoice-level rather than a line-level setting. If it’s just showing totals for zero, reduced and standard rated lines then that should be doable without changing the database)

@ian-roberts Sorry if it sounded like at had a go at you, just can’t stand incompetent developers. They allow for custom tax rate in settings, so the only thing that needs changing is to allow 0%.
Problem is usually with the developer, not being bright enough to solve it and arguing the case that this might have no sense since zero equals no vat.
Years ago I had a webshop on Prestashop, it had same problem, developer argued the case same way and its Spanish company so it was not possible to win with their passionate defences.
I ended up digging into php files, copy and paste programming became very handy.
I remember that I have manually added Zero Rated VAT in a settings file and in output files, one was for basket and one for printed invoices I’ve added a cheat that if vat_rate=“Zero Rated” to show price_inc_tax and in tax column instead of variable I just put “0.00”.
And it worked for few years until I forgot about it and 2 years later decided to update it to latest version :blush:

Mvc cms websites such as prestashop, opencart and others is no where near the same thing as quickfile. Your talking about changing code on a local level to suit your needs. Qf would need to implement it on a server level affecting everyone. Which means any work arounds people have done up to now would be seriously affected by any changes.

Its not simply a case of adding a 0% vat rate. Its a case of getting the code to establish the difference between old no vat, and now the new no vat. Then making sure every single user isn’t affected by the change.

@bakers rather than just insulting the intelligence of the QuickFile developers, and of users such as myself and Paul who spend time on here trying to help one another, can you express clearly exactly what you need the software to do that you don’t think it supports already? Just saying “I need support for zero rated” isn’t helpful - as I’ve already explained zero rated sales are already supported via the “No VAT” option even if you don’t like the way it is named. It does the right thing with respect to the VAT return and the words “no VAT” never appear in customer-facing documents, they just see a line with £0.00 in the VAT column.

If you have specific constructive feedback on what would need to change to better fit your use case then fine but calling the developers of a platform “incompetent” in a public forum isn’t going to win you favours when you then ask them to implement new features.

If you’ve already decided this software doesn’t meet your needs then that’s fine too, you’re free to use something else instead.

Listen, I’ve developed websites for years, I’m highly versed in prestashop and other CMS platforms, ive written code myself as well as adapted core code to suit the needs of my clients where needed, i know exactly what im talking about.

The fact you believe its as simple as prestashop is the bit that’s laughable, please don’t insult my intelligence.

If you seriously think each account on QF has its own database i feel sorry for you.

Solution is THERE but first

@ian_roberts I’m not here to find friends, I paid for service which I use to run some operations related to my business. I expect it to work. Up here on the forums I was hoping to get correct answer from knowledgeable people who are experienced users.
Yet I get you telling me that our Vat Inspector is wrong and if I sell zero rated goods I can just call them no VAT on the invoice. And that QuickFile is not working well with partially exempted businesses. What???

QuickFile is capable of displaying and calculating 0% or Zero rated VAT.
But if you put ZERO on its own it will reject it.
You Need TO put for example 3,0,15 where 3 and 15 rates are just made up,
and this will allow Zero Rated items to be correctly done, invoiced and printed.
Full Stop.

That is all I wanted to know from someone who knows how to use this wonderful software.
By the way taking the mickey from developers is a good thing, they usually very smart people.



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