Vector logo?

Is it possible to use a vector logo format - SVG or PDF?

SVG ought to work, certainly on screen in the browser, you’d have to experiment to see if the PDF renderer can cope with it.

If I try to upload an SVG, I get
Please upload a jpg, gif or png image.
Is there a way of replacing the logo in the CSS?

Hmm, you might be able to do it by hiding the <img> for the logo and then referencing your SVG (hosted somewhere else on the web) as a background-image:

.invoice-logo-container {
  /* all the existing properties */
  background-image: url(;

#imginvoiceLogo {
  display: none;

Like I say, I’ve no idea whether the PDF renderer will respect this aspect of the CSS, you’d have to try it and see what happens. (Note I don’t work for QuickFile, I’m just a long-time user)

Thanks for your help. For anyone trying to do this, I actually got it to work with

	display: none;

.invoice-logo-container::before {
    background:url("") no-repeat center 0px/250px;

And it does work with PDF renderer, so long as you convert any fonts to shapes. Official support for SVG logos would make life easier though.

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