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Very Simple bookkeeping

Hi. My wife is setting up a business as mobile hairdresser. I just need a very simple bookkeeping system for revenue/costs recording on the go. Basically to create a P+L for self assessment tax. My wife has zero interest in this requirement and unless it is unbelievably straight-forward won’t bother. I’m hoping she can access on phone or Mac and will just need to enter basic info- Client, date, revenue, payment method plus record her business costs separately (products which are not job specific/ mileage which is job specific) and then can reconcile this at year end for tax. Some of her work will be cash I expect, so won’t set up a separate bank account or need to interact with it, just record it manually. I just want to know from the community if you believe Quickfile is suitable, capable and simple enough for what I need? Which parts do I need? Can it be kept super simple? Obviously I could set up a very quick excel spreadsheet for my requirements but see that this is MTD compliant already and should start as we man to go on. Sorry for rambling message. Hopefully somebody can just give me a bit of guidance. Thanks

If her turnover ends up being below 10k there will be no need for Mtd. However it sounds like she could use the cash register tool to record takings and she can record purchases and tag them as being paid by either cash or wherever.

But she will need to enter the purchases so some manual input will be needed. She could use the bulk purchase import tool which is pretty straight forward. That’s probably all she’ll need to use.

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Thanks Paul, appreciate the answer, its helpful

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