View or Report showing nominal account for each transaction

Being non-financial and new to Quick File I am making mistakes in posting items and having to track and correct them.
Is there an easy way to view all postings to the ledger and see which account they were posted to. The mistake I make is choosing the wrong code when posting.

Any help appreciated

If you go to the chart of account by clicking ‘Report >> Chart of Accounts’ from top navigation menu, then tick the box ‘Hide accounts with no activity’:

You can use the to drill down on each nominal code to see the transactions that make up the balance on the nominal code, simply click the link to view the transactions and modify accordingly:

If the transaction is locked due to a VAT return being submitted, you will need to enter a journal.

Thank you that should help me resolve my errors although what I was hoping for was that I could see which nominal account each transaction had been posted to when looking at a list of transaction. Is there a report that would show that?

Hi, I am new also. When you have found a posting error is there a way of moving the entry or multiple entries to another nominal code other than using a journal? I have tried right clicking the entry from within the nominal but no joy.

No, you would use a journal as journals leave audit trails. This is the generally accepted method in accounting for re-allocating incorrect postings.

Hi Glen
That is a shame, I think the journal routine is a little old fashioned. It is fine for dealing with depreciation etc but many programs now allow you to “right click and reallocate” It makes the accountants job much easier. It is a shame the program will not do this, it seems to do a lot of good things with ease which is great.
To be honest I am testing this as an accountant with a view to finding a cloud product to recommend to clients. They always make errors, so a system that allows me to identify and correct the errors quickly is important.
Support has been good so far - thanks


It really depends what sort of mistake has been made. Quick File has far fewer rigid controls than many other accounting systems. If you make a mistake on an invoice or purchase you can just go in and modify it, no need to go anywhere near the ledgers or journals. There are so many inter-dependencies in an accounting system that directly editing the ledger may require a cascade of other updates with invoices, payments, expenses etc. It’s very complex to string all this together and keep things in balance.

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