View the true bank balance within QuickFile through bank link

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Hi @Steve

We offer a balance checker for accounts using Open Banking - would this be what you’re looking for?
Bank balance monitoring


Thanks for your reply. No, it would be nice to see the real balance every time it syncs, similar to how Sage does it. This helps when you have lots of untagged events in the account (PAYE wages not drawn yet), you could see what the real balance is, not the planned balance with the untagged events.

Hi @Steve

Apologies for the misunderstanding.

The above feature that I mentioned will monitor your balance and let you know if it’s out of sync with the bank.
But you can view the true balance as reported by your bank by selecting Bank Feed Options, either from your bank overview page:
Or on the bank statement page:

Select Additional Data

And your balances will be shown in the “Balances” tab. There may be a couple shown, it depends on what your bank makes available. But anything they send, we’ll display here.

I’m not sure how useful showing the balance when a sync is performed as most of the syncing is done during early hours, but we’re certainly open to feedback and welcome all interested users to vote on this thread.

Hope that helps!

Thank you, that’s it, now check the balance without having to login etc - thanks again, Steve

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