Viewing historical invoices

Is it possible to view invoices exactly as they were issued ?

I’m looking at historical invoices and item numbers have gone completely, the Description isn’t the original description. Unit cost is now the total cost, Quantity is changed to 1.

What I need to see is the invoice as it was originally issued, with item numbers, description, with original unit costs.

QuickFile can show standard track changes, this will show the difference between each save. If you have saved multiple times you can use the paging arrows to go back to the original invoice data.

Can I confirm, is this what you’re looking at currently?


Thanks for the really quick reply, but to answer your question, no.

I want to see the invoice exactly as it was sent out, not in what appears to be a summaried form.

My invoices will typically have at least 3 items. For example item 1 would be consultancy. Description would be “Consultancy for January”, the Unity cost will be the day rate (£xxx.xx), and the QTY will be the number of days.
Items 2 and 3 (or more items) would be mileage, so a rate per mile and number of miles. Further items might include hotel, or other incurred expenses.

What I am seeing when viewing historical invoices is a single line.
There is no character in the item column.
A Description that I didn’t put in - exactly as “xxxx LIMITED xxx LTD BGC”. [why does the name of the customer appear in Description in a historical invoice ??]

The total of all the items in the Unit cost column, Qty is listed as 1.

I just want to see the original invoice exactly as it went out, so for example I can see which month the invoice refers to.
The client has asked for some analysis so I need to look at the items in historical invoices. I can’t do that if the historical view of an invoice is actually a single-line item summarising the original invoice just showing the grand total.

I can ask the client for a copy of what was sent to them, but it doesn’t look very good if I haven’t got an exact record of the original invoice.

This tool captures all the data that was submitted at the point of invoice creation. It will not format that data precisely how it is formatted in the PDF view, but the data should be there in it’s entirety.

What you mentioned about the invoice description seems odd to me. I think it would be good if I can send you a private message to pull up the details of that invoice. Please look out for a green notification in the top right of the forum which will appear when I send the private message.

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