Volunteer staff rewards

We have volunteers that help us for a week during a local festival. They obviously don’t get paid, but we give them free food, drink and accom. Added to this we purchace a clutch of tickets for some events during the week that they share out between them to use when off duty.
What code could this be recorded under? Entertainment? casual wages? General exspenses?

Hi @outdoors,

It is up to you which code you use - you could always make your own and call it something like Volunteer Expenses or something relevant?

Hi Beth,

Really? I thought it had to be quite strict/accurate what you put expenses against because of the effect it has on your Tax outcome?

Sorry to be so vague - I am not an accountant so couldn’t give you advise on the tax implications. But if you are wanting to charge them as expenses then you can set up your own expense nominal code, alternatively if you charge as purchases then again you can set a specific one of your own.

It is best to talk to an accountant. I would imagine (I am not an accountant) that most can go as “subsistance” but I believe that there are limits on what you can claim. The HMRC website has details.

I wouldn’t use “entertainment” as that isn’t deductable and anything labelled “wages” could lead to questions about National Insurance and PAYE.

I am not sure how you would account for volunteers’ comps if you have to pay somebody else for them.

Not really considered the difference between purchase & expense, but having thought about it, I’ve made one under Direct Expense, thanks