Voucher to pay for Goods

How do you enter details into QF for a voucher (from a prize draw) to pay for goods?

I’d have thought that the issuer of the invoice would take care of this so the actual invoice value due would be the total amount less the voucher value. All you should need to do is then assign any remaining payments as a normal purchase invoice.

I think I need to put more detail to my request…
The value of the voucher (prize) was to be spent in our swim shop to the value of £23.00. They have currently spent £17.50 on goods, leaving the remainder to be spent at a future date.
My concern is how should I be posting this:

  1. Should my initial process be to credit the clients’ account with £23.00 and what account should I be posting it to?
  2. Should I be raising a client invoice
  3. Should I be posting the transactions to a special offers/ goodwill account?
    I am confused about the exact process and procedures.
    Help me out before I make a real mess

Ah, you’re the seller.


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