Wages and best way to enter


Somewhere along the line I’ve managed to change the way I input wages into Q.F

I’ve added a screenshot to illustrate what I mean, Could somebody be so kind as to firstly advise which way I should be doing this and then possibly help me amend my mistake ?

Thank you


P&L should have gross wages and net wages should be through balance sheet a/c

Gross wages 100
Income tax 10
NI 5
Net wages 85

Journal should be
Dr P&L 100
Cr PAYE a/c 10
Cr PAYE a/c 5
Cr Net wages a/c 85

then from bank tag 85 out to net wages a/c and paye payments to paye a/c

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Hi Dave,

I can see that @FaradayKeynes has already beat me to a reply - hopefully that helps.

But I just wanted to point out that since mid-October we now record any wages tagged from the bank to a payroll journal. It always worked like this behind the scenes, but we’ve just exposed this for better clarity and to make it easier to extend if required.

For reference, the post regarding this can be found here.

You may also find this guide helpful:

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Thanks guys I’ll take a look.