"We couldn't find any matching purchases on your account."

I make a purchase to the value of, say, 450.30 pounds. I upload a PDF receipt to the same value. I then want to tag the receipt, and input “450.30”.

The system then goes on to tell me: “We couldn’t find any matching purchases on your account.”

I have one bank account feed set up, but suspect that it’s not being used in the matching process.

Any suggestions?

Also, I don’t use the default “Current Account”. I have a new account set up, set as the default, with a bank feed, named “my business name LTD”. Just wondering if the matcher only looks at the system-created accounts…


The receipt was captured on 26/06 but the entry on my account is 30/06 – does this break the matcher?

Are you seeing this message in the Receipt Hub? If so it will only look for items on the bank with an amount and date matching the receipt you’re entering. If you enter the receipt from Receipt Hub and then go into your bank and locate the associated payment it will look ± 1 month for the matching purchase.

You can also change this range in the drop down menu.

Yes, in Receipt Hub.

I’ll try and tag it from the bank feed instead, where I’m able to choose a date range.

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