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Hello All
I did have Webhooks working but I changed the secret key, now it does not work, what I need to know is the secret key that Quickfile supply unique, if so how do I get the original key back as I did not copy it before changing it, I am trying to get it to work with IFTTT but cannot quite understand where I put the secret key in the IFTTT setup

Vince Field

Hi Vince

Yes, the secret key is unique, but if it’s changed the old one is lost unfortunately.

You would need to update the secret with any software relying on it. Providing the key, and other details, are all OK, then the webhooks should be fine. Although any problems, please let us know some specific details (e.g. what error message you’re seeing) and we can take a look for you. If needed, we can move this into a private message to get specifics.

Hello Mathew
Well, here’s a strange thing, I disabled the webhook with no endpoint or secret key, then waited for a few hours, then when I enabled it, my secret was back, I tried it in IFTTT and BOOM it all working again
Thank You for your help

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