Webhooks expansion


Are there any plans to enhance the webhooks functionality you currently offer or, even better, expand the Zapier events and actions offering?

There are some gaps that we’ve identified that we simply cannot plug without manual work we’d like to eliminate; for us mainly around payment chasing (there appears to be no support here outside of QF) and we have a few dreadful regular payers that respond well to what seems like personalised emails/text messages that we could send using other services.

I’d also like to check whether a GoCardless payment received event triggers a webhook event because your documentation doesn’t mention this payment method and it’d be nice to send a payment received confirmation/thank you notification to these clients (… or you could implement this into QF :wink: )

The Zapier QF action of creating a client also doesn’t allow selection of the tickbox allowing emailing PDF invoices to clients which is a bit of a pain. Any chance of this being included?

I appreciate that I could use the QF API and build/commission some custom features that handle most of this but webhooks or Zapier enhancements would certainly be a preference and may well benefit other people here too.



Hi @zappdance

There aren’t any plans at the moment, although we are aware of there being other enhancements posted in another topic, here.

Generally with further development on things such as this, we wait to see if there is a demand from the community. We’ll leave this thread open for others to comment on your suggestions, and we’ll note any feedback received.