Website and community pages loading at dialup speeds

Loading and using features is painstakingly slow, i.e. like the server is being hit by a DDOS attack, or is there maintenance being run ?


Bear with us while we look into this. We’ll keep you informed here.

okay thank you for the quick response

Community is back up to speed however the site is still running at a snails pace

Any update on the cause of this, i have tried other browsers and it is the same and getting slower, i have urgent work to get done before monday morning and @ this speed it will take me an hour to do about 10 receipts if i am lucky.


Apologies for the delay. It all seems to be loading fine my end now - can you confirm this is the case with you too?

The issue now seems to be resolved, i will update this post if it starts to happen again, thanks

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Apologies for the performance issues, we also had a couple of similar cases last week.

Fortunately we finally nailed this down (I hope!), but we had to setup various traces on the web servers so we could see what web requests were choking the server.

It was caused by a ineffective regular expression and one single user’s very unique data. This combination was causing some sever performance degradation and hanging both of our web nodes.

For those technically inclined it’s called “Catastrophic Backtracking”.


If the community pages are running slow that must be purely coincidentially as the forum runs in an entirely different data centre. It’s hosted by Digital Ocean.


Ok thanks for the info, been using since my last reply and no issues as of yet.


I gave up and went to bed, the night shift seem to have been performing well as usual. :slight_smile: Thanks for the swift repairs.



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