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Welcome to the QuickFile Community area

Welcome to the official community forum for discussing the QuickFile cloud accounting system.

Before posting on community.quickfile.co.uk

QuickFile rely on a system of centralised support, when you prepare your question please do so considerately by following these simple guidelines:

  • Search thoroughly before you post your question, there’s a good chance somebody has asked the same question previously. As you type we will also search for similar posts.

  • Phrase your post carefully so that others may easily understand and relate to the idea or question being discussed. The more time you spend writing a considered post, the more likely you are to get a favourable response.

  • Be concise, if you’re having a problem with the software don’t just say “It’s not working”, provide as much detail as possible (including screenshots), this will allow us to get to the nub of the problem much faster.

  • Keep to one question per post, this helps us to maintain an organised forum. With one discussion per post other users are much more likely to find the topic useful.

Finally, please do come back and share your wisdom with other users…we want to maximise our time developing QuickFile and building out new features rather than going over the same questions, your participation however small will be hugely appreciated.

Don’t forget, if you have a great idea please share it with us, we use the community forum to gauge interest and plan new features so if you want to see change, please make your voice heard!

Happy postings !!


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