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Welsh language translation corrections

Continuing the discussion from Add new invoice language (Welsh):

Hi guys,

I’ve got some corrections/additions to the Welsh in use, particularly on quotes:

Quote no. - Rhif y dyfynbris
Quote name - Enw’r dyfynbris
Rate - Cyfradd
Quote total - Cyfanswm y dyfynbris

Also, the text that we use for each line item and also for “additional notes” and “payment terms” would ideally be translated. Would it be possible to provide some way of providing language-tagged labels or text for each element which would allow us to populate the system with the necessary text?

Ideally, the client could choose a language on the web interface and have everything converted using the pre-populated labels.

We’re in a similar situation to the original poster, having to provide alternative languages (but also wanting to do so in the spirit of the law as well as the literal wording!).


Uh, replying to myself, but I’ve realised that this should also apply to emails.

In other words, what I’m asking for is full multilanguage support, I suppose, which is hefty, I know. Sorry. :slightly_smiling:

Shwmae @Aled!

Full bilingual support isn’t something that we offer at the moment, but we can certainly consider it for the future.

Unfortunately, it’s not an easy feature to implement, but if the community demand is there, we can certainly look at it further.

Email templates can be written in any language you wish (subject to them being supported by the mail server), with the exception of the links themselves, although @Glenn may be able to comment on the ease of changing these.

Diolch yn fawr!