Welsh use of Ô and ô unavailable when saving client names

Welsh use of Ô and ô unavailable when saving client names. for example CYNGOR SIR YNYS MÔN / ISLE OF ANGLESEY COUNTY COUNCIL.

After saving the above client name the little roof “to bach” is not showing.

Alt+0212 Ô
Alt+0244 ô

Can these characters be added so the correct spelling is shown on estimates, invoices, etc,

Hello @alan_mcbrien

I have logged this with the development team for you.

When there is an update I will let you know here.

Thanks @QFSteve , that was quick.

A bit more info on usage of accents in Welsh but also in French;
To bach ^ CIRCUMFLEX that are used on Welsh vowels â, ê, î, ô, û, ŵ and ŷ which are the same as the usage in French apart from ŵ Ŵ, very few words in French start with a double-u.

So although a fix is requested to sort out Anglesey Council’s naming these other letter arrangements should also be available.

Would you pass on this additional info on to the development team.

Kind regards,

Hello @alan_mcbrien

I have updated the ticket for them :+1:

:+1: More additional info here’s link to a helpsheet that I devised for referencing French accent usage;
Raccourcis accents français (French accent shortcuts)

I did not report that older estimates / invoices were correctly showing Ô. The omission has only occurred on recent correspondences, since the 08/09/2023.

The issue with the missing circumflex from MÔN seems to have cropped up when I reported in September an issue with “Forward slash” being no longer available which was fixed on the 19/09;