What are the fonts used in quickfile estimating and invoice's

what are the fonts used in quickfile estimating and invoice’s

Hi @pelican

The main one used is Arial, although there are one or two templates that use Times New Roman I believe.

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Can you see the following issues.

This is the PDF printing version , line spacing is erratic.

line spacing on the generated attachment on screen looks good

It may just need a bit of tweaking.

Have you manually put the HTML code in there, or have you copied it from a tool of some sort (e.g. Word to HTML converter)?

word or open office to a online tool then copied and pasted. why two versions one right one wrong?

Word to HTML conversion adds a lot of what can only be described as “extraneous c**p” to the HTML it generates. If you can I would recommend creating by hand the simplest possible HTML that will do the job

<p>This agreement details...</p>
<p><strong>The alternative dispute...</strong></p>
  <li>The contractor will...</li>
  <li>The documents that...</li>

Without the word-specific formatting mess it should render much more consistently across the PDF and HTML versions.

As @ian_roberts mentions a converted doesn’t always do a clean job.

One thing I did notice from a quick look at your HTML was the number of tags on each point. Whereas it should look like Ian’s example, it was more along the lines of:


This in itself could cause a few issues. The <span> tags did have their own style attributes, but I don’t believe these would be required.

Do you have a company website? Did someone create this for you? If so, they may be able to help with this.

I am not a programmer and used a online html tool. Most of what your saying means nothing to me. one works fine the other not and its the code ?

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