What category do I use for an adapter?

What do I classify keys and an adapter as?

Keys? As in getting a spare set of keys cut?

The adapter I’m presuming is a power adapter for a phone or some electronic device? In which case could put that under Office Equipment (asset code) or Repairs & Renewals (P&L code).

Yes the key was so we would have two more copies. And the adapter was purchased for a client as they needed it, so what would it be classed as?

The keys I would put under “repairs and renewals”. The adapter could go under “Office equipment”. I’m not an accountant so there may be other more qualified suggestions :smile:

If the adapter was purchased for a client and then sold on would it not just be a general purchase?

Yes it would go under “General Purchases” if it’s being resold to a client. I just assumed it was for the business.

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