What causes duplicate transactions

Hi, have started this topic as previous one automatically closed. I’m importing receipts via App, then downloading statements and tagging. I assumed that this shows money as paid, but am I wrong here?

Did you see my private message? I need to get hold of your account number or company name before I can check what’s going on there. If you could ping it over I will have a look.

Have replied by PM


Got it!! There are duplicates on your account because what you are doing is creating purchase invoices from the Receipt Hub and then you are uploading a bank statement and tagging the payment as a purchase which creates a second invoice.

I see you have some bank tagging rules configured, so you are probably seeing the orange confirm boxes after uploading your statement and unwittingly repeating what you have already created from the Receipt Hub.

Take the bank transaction on 12/08/2013 to the Post Office for £5.20. This got picked up by a bank tagging rule and you confirmed (clicking the orange button) which created an invoice and linked the bank payment to that invoice. This would have been fine, although you already created a purchase invoice from the App and what you should have done here is manually tagged and the system would of detected the pre-existing purchase invoice (from the Receipt Hub)… you would have then just linked the bank payment to the invoice, job done!

What I would do if I were you is get rid of all your bank tagging rules, carry on using the app and processing the receipts in the Receipt Hub…upload your statement and manually link the untagged transactions to the pre-existing invoices.

Hope that all makes sense!

Glen you are a genius! I thought it was user error. Will have a go at correcting.



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Glad to help… Let me know if you have any doubts!

Many thanks. How to I get rid of the ‘money owing’ balance? These have receipts assigned to them so don’t want to delete these. Would it be a case of finding the duplicated transaction, deleting that and then re tagging to the invoice with attached receipt?

That would certainly work! The other option is to download the receipts, delete the purchase and upload the receipt to the other paid purchase record. I think your suggestion might be quicker though!

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