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What Happens to Data on Dormant Account


I am in the process of changing from Sole Trader to a Limited Company. I have created a new set of Quickfile accounts under a different username for the new company.

I have a Power User subscription on the Sole Trader accounts which is due for renewal in December. I don’t want to renew this, but I will be taking out the subscription on the new set of accounts. I gather I wont be able to access the Sole Trader accounts if I don’t renew as they are currently classed as Large.

My accountant will need to prepare my Self Assessment in January. I have three questions.

Other than downloading the data, is there a way for my accountant to access the old accounts 2 months after the renewal date?

Will the Sole Trader accounts be deleted if I don’t renew and keep them dormant? If so after how long? If I attempt to log in will this keep them as ‘active’?

If they are not deleted, will they be downgraded if dormant after 12 months and be accessible as a free account?

Many thanks


Hi @Lou_Moore

We only actively delete accounts once they are inactive for 2 years. By “inactive”, we mean no one has logged in to the account in this time.

Even before we take any action, we will email every user on the account 3 times to give you a chance to login and keep the account active.

How big is the account? Even if it’s L or XL now, it could fall into one of the lower tiers if the account is no longer being used as the grading is based on a rolling 12 month period.

If it is the case that the account is still in a paid tier (L or XL) and your accountant requires account, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can look at adding a short access period, but these are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Hope this helps!

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