What happens when community can’t answer my question?

I’ve posted the same question twice and unfortunately no one has responded so I take it the community can’t answer it. Is there an escalation point in this instance so I can get my issue resolved? Many thanks

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Hi @Pegstar

If the query is regarding QuickFile itself, posting it in the public forum is the best option, unless it’s account specific (e.g. you can’t access your account, something doesn’t look right, etc.), in which case you can send a private message to @QFSupport.

If it’s more accounting-based, your accountant is likely to be best placed to answer this.

I can’t seem to find any previous public topics that are unanswered under your username, however. Do you have links available for these, and perhaps we can try and help from there, if we can?

Hi Matthew,
I don’t know if it’s account specific I’m afraid so I have sent a private message. I posted last week and the week before and got no responses whatsoever so I’m a little confused why they haven’t come up for you
Thanks and regards,

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