What information is sent to HMRC when QuickFile sends the VAT Return electronically?

I’m about to do my quarterly VAT return, which I do electronically via QuickFile.

After closing off the last Year End, there are a lot of entries in the data download for this quarters VAT return from the previous financial year, mostly VAT excluded.

Does anyone know what information actually goes to HMRC from QuickFile; is it just the totals, or the individual records that are in the data download?

The reason for asking, is that I want to simplify the information and know where I need to add adjustments…

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

All that goes to HMRC is the final totals in boxes 1-9 of the return (including any manual adjustments), but it’s a good idea to save the backing report yourself in case you get inspected at any point.

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