What is classed as outstanding?

I am trying to get the number of outstanding invoices which is in my debtors control account, on my trial balance.
I have downloaded the backup and have the sales invoices open.
What is classed as outstanding other than paid from the following -


  • Refund
    -Bad Debt

Hi @EmmaJPL

I’ll try and run through these for you and explain them:

  • Sent - This is a fully outstanding invoice that has been issued to your client. This would be classed as outstanding.
  • Refund - This would be a refunded invoice. So an invoice that had been paid, but has since been refunded. This would not be outstanding.
  • Paused - This relates to a recurring invoice template rather than an actual invoice. It’s not currently active and is paused. Recurring invoice templates do not contribute to the outstanding balanace
  • PaidPart - As it says, this is a partially paid invoice. This will partially contribute to the outstanding invoices
  • Draft - This is a draft invoice or estimate. It has no effect on your balances or your chart of accounts until it is marked as at least Sent
  • Credited - This would be an invoice that has been issued, but since had a credit note created against it. This will not count towards outstanding balances.
  • Converted - An estimate that has been raised, sent and accepted by a client, and then converted into an invoice. This itself wouldn’t contribute to the outstanding balance.
  • Bad Debt - An invoice that has been raised in the past but been unpaid for at least 6 months (either partially or in full). This has been written off as bad debt and no longer counts towards the outstanding balance.

The full list of outstanding invoices that would contribute to the figure can be seen by clicking on “Money owed to you” on the dashboard, or Sales >> Outstanding Invoices.

There are also 2 further reports that can go with this, both can be found under Reports >> All Reports, and they are:

  • Debtor (Clients) Ageing Report
  • Debtor / Creditor Report

I hope that helps

it does a little but im still incredibly stuck, my TB Debtors control account is £100K more than whats actually outstanding on both of those reports. I just need the figures ti match and i can be on my way with my conversion.

Thank you for your help though.

Whats classed as outstanding invoices, in the Trial balance please?

The debtor figure on the TB will usually include “Sent” and “Part Paid” invoices for the date specified on the report.

There are however other factors that affect the debtor account and that would include prepayments, journals and opening balances.

The best place to analyse this is in the “Debtor / Creditor Report”. This will show all outstanding invoices at a point in time. Which is I think what you’re looking for here.

It is what im looking for but it has to match my closing balance to be able to put into my new system, the closing balance form my TB is 230k but my actual outstanding on the sales is only 40k. do you think my 230k figure is YTD and this is why?

Hi @EmmaJPL

It may be better to open a private discussion so we can get some info on dates and account specifics. Look out for a green notification (top right), I will send you a private message.

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