What is the backup function in Quickfile for?

So, I have setup Quickfile to create a backup in my Dropbox account. Great feature :smile: , however, what is the purpose of this?

From what I have found on the forums, there is no way of restoring from a backup. What purpose do these backups have if they cannot be used as a restore point?

My hope was that if I deleted all the data in my account they could be used to restore my accounts back to a previous point in time. If this is in fact the purpose (or possible to do) then please can you explain the steps. If not, then please can you advise of their purpose?

No cloud based accounting systems have restore or rollback functions this is due to the complexities of restoring large amounts of data on a multi-tenanted database, it’s very different from a desktop environment (I’ve explained this in more detail elsewhere although I can’t locate the post now).

The backup is there really for peace of mind. All the data is supplied in a collection of CSVs and can usually be ported to another system or reintegrated with Quick File using the manual data import tools. There’s a bit of work involved but it’s far better than being left with no data at all.

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Do you have updates in this topic? I am an IT consultant and I know several data bases offer this option, i.e. Delta Lake at Databricks. My concern is about handing the full access to accounting services. nobody knows if anything goes wrong at their ends.

Hello @harvy

There has been no change to this process.

The backup process has been working fine and access to accounts have several security measures in place.

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