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Whats the best way to 'ignore' bank transactions?


i have two seperate quickfile account.
one for a sole trader, one for a ltd company.

there is the odd bank transaction in the associated banks on both accounts that is just personal and nothing to do with the company at all.

id rather not just delete them because then the bank balance will not match.

for the ltd company:
i have a couple of payments received into the company bank, account which are nothing to do with company sales.
rather than delete them, whats the correct acounting way to deal with these?

for the ltd company:
i have a couple of payments made out of the company account for personal items. do i just tag these to paying back the directors loan? is there a better way of doing it?

for the sole trader account:
i have the odd transaction in the bank that is personal, both payment out and payments in.
whats the best way to deal with these?


Hi @adnw

For the ltd company you are best to tag the personal transactions to/from the directors loan/drawings account.

For the Sole Trader, its completely up to you whether you just delete the transactions that aren’t business related or do something similar and tag them to a personal account?

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Directors loan account for business account transactions

Proprietors drawings for personall account transactions unrelated to business.


Thanks ill tag to directors loan and proprietors drawings.
I dont want to delete them.