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When I create a new profile to my Affinity dashboard my email is added automatically. Should I change this to the new client email?

I have created a new profile but my email address I use to log into Affinity is added automatically, also a password appears in one box. I have ended up as the Administrator for the new profile.

If I enter another new profile I get the message the email address is already used.

Should I change the email address to the new clients business email?

You can add your clients email as another team member.

I have done that, but I am still showing as the admin user. If I add another client in the same way it says the email is already in use so I cannot save it.

Why wouldn’t you want to be the admin? If you’re creating client accounts via affinity then you’d want to have admin access would you not?

I personally don’t like the idea of not being admin to an account I’m being charged for.

Not sure why you can’t use your same email address for all affinity client accounts as I believe that’s what’s meant to happen so you can access all accounts under the same login.

I think Affinity use an alias address for each account on your profile to get around this, which is part of the service you’re paying for I guess.

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Hi @SpringBK

When you create a QuickFile account through Affinity the Affiinty account is automatically the account admin. The username for the account is an automatically generated Affinity email address which you shouldn’t change as you will be accessing the QuickFile account through Affinity. As this is the case a specific password isn’t required either.

It sounds like when you are going in to amend the admin user that your browser is automatically overtyping with your email address which is causing the problems.

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