Where are customised invoices saved?

I’m trying to find where my customised invoices are saved - how do I go back and edit a customised invoice?

Hi @willpost

Do you mean the designs of invoices?

Hi, yes so when I have gone to sales menu/invoice customisation and I have created my own design in there and saved that. I know how to use that design when I create my future invoices but if I want to go back and tweak that design at any point I can’t find out how to access it.

There are 2 parts to an invoice customisation:

  1. Terms and notes, and other text pieces - found in Sales >> Invoice Customisation

  2. The look of the invoice (such as colours), which is accessed by previewing an invoice and selecting the green Invoice Customisation option in the top left corner, and then customising your chosen template.

Both of these options are accessible in the same way every time. There’s no particular option to “create new” and to “update existing”. So if you did want to change the default terms for example, you can just go to the invoice customisation page, and update them there.

Hope that helps!

Ah of course. I was expecting to see a template with my design when I went back to invoice customisation but that’s fine, it makes sense now. Cheers.

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