Where are my paypal transactions? (again)

Hi I contacted a few months back with whole days worth of paypal transactions missing from my feed, Quickfile wasn’t really able to help other than advise me to input as one large transaction. Its done it again but i cant find the person I was speaking to ask for more help. Its a problem when I take a large amount of transactions on a Paypal here machine - but its not consistent , some days it work and others it does not. Im missing a whole day from this weekend. Can the person at Quick file who messaged me before make contact again please

Hi @BigCroc

There are a few of our team on here - any of us should be able to help. I’ll certainly try my best for you :slight_smile:

When you say large number of transactions, how many transactions are there? Have any of them imported or are you missing just a few out of them?

Thank you it only seems to happen when I use the PayPal here app and card machine although even the website PayPal payments are missing from that day too. IThere’s probably about 20 - 30 transactions missing from one day of trading however the second day of the event has imported.

Let me send you a private message and we’ll take a look for you.

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