Where can I find my clients' link to his account?

Hi All,

My clients has lost the automated email giving him the url link to his account in QF. Where can I find this so I can re-send it to him?



For any invoice you have issued you can obtain a link that will give your client direct access to their account.This link is visible on any invoice preview screen, just click the send button to pop open the additional options.

Hi Glenn,

OK, that gets to a specific invoice. What would the link be to get to their ‘dashboard’.



There is no direct link that takes you to the dashboard. To get to the dashboard your clients would need to do one of two things.

  1. Go to yourdomain.quickfile.co.uk and log in with their credentials. You can reset the password from the client details screen if required.

  2. Use the link as indicated in my previous post and click the My control panel link in the left hand menu.

That worked.

For your clients to go straight to their dashboard, they need to:

  1. Go to https://yourdomain.quickfile.co.uk/login.aspx

  2. Login with email: ‘primary contact email address’ and password: ‘whatever it is set or reset to’

That goes straight to their dashboard. Simples!



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Is there a way (or is there planned development) to email the client a link to their dashboard so that they can click it and be logged in automatically to their dashboard (in a similar way to how they open an individual invoice)?

I find if I send the login page they get confused about their login details and if I ask them to go through the link on an individual invoice they also get confused and think the communication is about the specific invoice and not about their whole account.

Thanks and best wishes,

Hi Neil,

I don’t believe there is a way to go to their dashboard rather than an invoice, but perhaps @Glenn could clarify.

Do you tend to email them links as and when needed, or do you have a user system on your website? Just asking as the API quickfile offers, includes a log in link which would do what you’re asking, but would require a bit of coding knowledge.

You can issue links from the system to individual invoices or statements. Perhaps in your case it would be better to link to the statement as this will give them an overview of their account. You can view the client statement and access a link in the send dialogue in the same way you can for invoices.

As @Parker1090 metnions it is possible to generate a link to the control panel, but only via the API, however I think linking to the statement would be the best option here, the client can then drill down on any specific invoices they need to.