Where do I get ItemID for a Inventory sales item

I am testing the API in the sandbox and trying to create an invoice for a specific item which is in the sales inventory. However, the API requires the itemID and this is not stated in the sales inventory page. I tried using the item name but his does not work.

Any ideas please?

Hello @samppatel

Admittedly, this is hidden on the interface within QuickFile, but it is there in the HTML of the page


However, through the API, you can search or pull a specific item using the Item API methods:

Or, if it’s a one off line, the value 0 should be accepted by the API.

I hope this helps.

Great. Sorted. Thank you.

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Is there a way to export the inventory including the “item ID” for each item, I need the item ID for the Invoice create api, I can run the invoice Get for individual invoices which will give me the item id for items in a single invoice, however this would take me forever to get all the item Id’s I need.



Hi @Rob

You can run an inventory search in the sandbox and return the results from there?


If you used something similar to the below, it should return all items for you (not tested):

<Item_Search  xmlns="https://api.quickfile.co.uk"  xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"  xsi:schemaLocation="https://api.quickfile.co.uk https://api.quickfile.co.uk/schemas/1_2/Item_Search.xsd">

Thanks Matthew

this has worked for me, what is the return count limit? I have 600 items? how would I import all items if the limit was say 200?


200 are returned at one time, but you can use the ReturnCount and Offset values to move this forward.