Where is invoice gallery

Hi, when i click on invoice customisation, i cannot see where the style gallery etc is? I found it once before but every help post i have read suggests it is on the top left of the screen when you go into invoice customisation - however it is not there for me? I can only see the attached which i have taken a screen shot of??
Can anyone please help?

Have you tried a different browser or clearing cache?
It’s also possible that a ad-block plugin in your browser makes the problem

Hello @katie1cook

The invoice style gallery is located in the top left when you preview an invoice.

HI Steve, Thanks for your reply but its the gallery option i cant see/havent got? I attached a screen shot - this is literally all i can see but i dont know why?

Hi, Thanks for your reply - ive tried this and tried an incognito window but still i cant see anything? Its weird as I was definitely able to access it before?

Are you maybe on the wrong screen. It’s not on the invoice customisation. The button should show up when you open a invoice (any invoice).

Hello @katie1cook

Are you doing anything different from the the clip below?

  • Sales > show all sales
  • Click on an invoice > Preview


Ah - thank you so much - yes ive now found it! Thank you for taking the time :blush:

Thank you so much - ive now found it!!

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