Where is my vat online return?

New to quick file. Says an online return was made but other than the word “SUCCESS” nothing confirms the submission. Should there be some sort of HMRC message? I cannot find evidence of this on HMRC site either. Does anyone know if I should have received something?
Thanks in advance.

It looks like that VAT return was committed to QuickFile but not sent to HMRC, if it was you would have received an email notification and on the VAT detail screen you would see a confirmation message with a correlation ID.

Try rolling back the return and resubmitting ensuring the following check box is marked.

Let me know if that works for you.


The username in the VAT settings also looks wrong, it shouldn’t be an email address.

Thanks Glen, I will do.
Confess I’m a bit confused now over user name and password. An email,is shown as the name in the help.quickfile.co.uk guide.

Yes that’s not a good example, we’ll get that updated.

Whatever you use to login here, should go into the VAT settings box.

Thanks Glenn,
Apologies for previously spelling your name incorrectly.

Just to let you know I had a few issues to clear up with HMRC (multiple logins to government gateway) now that that is fixed, everything seems to have worked. Many thanks for your support.


Sorry one final thing. Should this not now show as “money you owe” on the dashboard?

Not by default. The money you owe is calculated from purchase invoices only I believe.

You can however customise this.


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