Where is net profit graph?

On dashboard, there’s a nice simple Sales / Purchase bar chart, but where is the bar chart for net profit (sales minus purchases) ?


Hi @tom_44

There is one on the Segmented Profit and Loss report, although it is mixed with other figures too.

If you have a Power User Subscription, you can go to Reports >> All Reports >> Segmented Profit & Loss Report.

If you then click on Visualise at the top, you are able to select your period (months, calendar years, etc.), and enable/disable the categories on the right hand side:

Thanks. However I believe it’s including salary as an expense? Can I exclude salary as an expense here?

I made a custom report, but custom reports seem very clunky and they don’t remember the view type - always defaulting back to accumulating line chart.

It would be nice to have net profit be more simple somewhere, especially for premium users.

The net profit is available simply, in the P&L report. Your use case is a very specific and unusual one, and is precisely the sort of thing that custom reports were designed to allow for. “Excluding salary as an expense” means that what you’re asking for in this report isn’t the net profit of the company, it’s something custom that falls somewhere between the gross and net profit figures, including some types of expenses but ignoring others, and not something that is generally applicable to all businesses.

It is acceptable to businesses for single shareholders. Which I’d say is a lot, especially quickfiles userbase.

I also need to point out the very poor implementation of custom reports in the fact it doesn’t save the view. It always reverts back to accumulated line graph. And you can’t even save the URL as it isn’t coded that way.

In future I’ll move away from quickfile as I don’t think their focus is on usability.

Hi @tom_44

We welcome any feedback you may have. I see you’ve raised a feature request, which is the correct way to approach this which allows other users to add their comments and feedback too.

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