Where is the re-coding tool?

I seek it here, I seek it there, I cannot find it anywhere. can someone give me a detailed “press this, click that and hey presto here it is” please. unfortunately i have miss posted a few (a lot) into stock rather than general purchases, and i need to re-tag them.

I am looking in my bank details, where these transactions are, and also under the suppliers where they are as invoices.

Neither of those - it’s in the nominal ledger view. Reports -> Chart of Accounts, expand the “assets and liabilities” section and find the “stock” account, click the blue magnifying glass beside it. You should now see all the nominal account activity for “stock”, select the items you want to move and click “move to new code” at the top.

If there’s more than 50 you may have to do it a page at a time.

thank you, i read the post on it, and thought great, then have spent the past hour looking for it :slight_smile:

It’s one of those things that seems obvious once you know it, but I appreciate that for small businesses with no employees you probably do everything through invoices, purchases and bank accounts, with little or no contact with the nominal ledger side of things.

Yes that’s true, and i buy “stock” which i sell, so it seemed logical to put it in “stock” i always thought “general purchases” were things that you could not put under anything else as they were “general” if that makes sense.

thank you so much, all re-allocated now. i now need to take off all the auto settings on the suppliers to make sure they all tag up correctly in future

I’m the same, I run a retail shop and put most things on “general purchases”. The only time I touch “stock” is when I do the year-end stocktake.

I buy some things which i re-sell - then I also print t shirts, so i buy blank stock, add vinyl to it and re-sell that, but it is all going into one place or my head will hurt