Which Accountant to use with QF

Coming up to my first month as a Ltd company & a letter from HMRC landed on the door mat regarding ( Authorising your agent), it got me thinking about what kind of accountant i would need as regards how much i would have to pay for the amount of work he would have to do seeing as inputting entry’s into QF would do a lot of the work of a accountant.
So should i just be looking for a accountant to prepare the accounts at the end of the year or would i need one with more regular contact through out the year to make sure every thing is correct on a ongoing bases.


You don’t need paper version of 64-8, it can be be done on-line, once IF you decide to appoint an accountant of your choice , they can authorise it for you through HMRC website.

Appointing an accountant is optional for better business compliance and guidance of business development and growth.