Which business bank to go with for integration?

I’m looking to open a business bank account for my limited company.

Which bank(s) offer quickfile integration/bank feed so it’s easier to import/sync transactions?

Also anyone have any knowledge with any directly, from personal experience?


Having checked the quickfile blog, I ended up applying for sterling bank


I’m in the same position and I was also going to go for Starling (I assume that’s what you meant). Free banking and direct Quickfile integration.

I’ve gone with starling, integration is cracking!

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Another vote for Starling here. I’ve bounced my business account around a bit over the last few years; first with TSB, then with Santander (Open Banking Interface) and moved about six months ago to Starling (Webhooks Interface) because they are free and I wanted to experience a challenger bank. Quickfile has worked well with all of the banking platforms.

The only drawback I have found with Starling is that there isn’t an associated business saver/reserve account, so I have put spare cash in Hampshire Trust One Year bonds, which pay 1.85%.