WHMCS integration


I was wondering if anyone has any experience of integrating invoicing within quickfile to WHMCS and what the best way might be to do this



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Just to let you know, we have recently integrated with Zapier. This should allow you to sync invoices between WHMCS and QuickFile, by having Zapier as the intermediary.


If you’re interested in setting this up please reply here or send me a private message on the forum and I will provide further instructions.

Glenn, I completely missed this! Sorry. But thanks …

We may look at WHMCS again at some point, but we’re looking at some different ideas for the time being.

I’ll let you know !

Thanks again

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Hi Glen

Can you please forward on some more information about linking Quickfile with WHMCS



Hi @hmd

You can connect to WHMCS using Zapier. This link may help: