Who develops this software? - Just curious


I was wondering if there was any particular team contracted for it as I’d like to know the developers behind the software. It’s brilliant, fast software and it has me curious.


There are basically 3 of us working on the software side, nothing within the application gets contracted out. I am still very much involved with the evolution of the software, but over the years I have spent gradually less time writing code. I still seem to be working a 7 day week though :smile:

We have an excellent full time engineer who has over 10 years experience working on enterprise applications, and has been with us practically from day one. We also have a part time Database Admin, as the application has scaled this role has become increasingly more important.

We are also actively looking to hire .NET MVC developers with front-end experience. One of the consequence of developing all these different features is having the resources to be able to maintain them. These days I’d say about 60-70% of what we need to do day-to-day is just in relation to dealing with maintainability and scaling.