Who do we list as our accountant if we use QuickFile for our Year-End?


We are new to Quick file and want to know

  1. If we use Quick File for Our End Of Year As Ltd Co what name should we give or list as our accountants.

  2. Does a Quick File accountant give tax advise/act as an advisor

Thank you for your help.

At the moment we provide a year-end service for limited companies on the basis that the bookkeeping for the accounting period in question has been fully completed on the system. The current cost for this service is £199 + vat and Quick File Ltd would effectively be preparing your accounts and tax return. You can find out more about this service on the link below:

Year-end service for Limited Companies

Right now we do not provide a general advisory service although we are looking to introduce a range of new services in 2014 to provide more assistance to users beyond the year-end formalities.

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